Tecnical details


Measuring ranges differential pressure: 0...100 mbar and 0...2 bar
Absolute pressure at the outlet: 0 - 3 bar
Measuring ranges flow: 0 - 20 sccm
0 - 200 sccm
Specimen diameter : 1", 28 mm, 30 mm, 11/2",
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Measuring gases : Helium and nitrogen, others on request
Real gas calibration  
Measuring range of the permeability depends on the specimen dimensions, typically it ranges from 1 D to 10 µD
(ca. 10-12 to 10-17 m²)


Optimised touch surface  
Graphical visualisation of the data  
Data export as txt or csv files for own purposes  
Units (metric or imperial) can be defined by the user  
Measurement gas choice via dropdown menu  
Selection of measurement type via touch screen  


External devices (separate core holder, triaxial cell, pressure cell) can be hooked up
Economic alternative: you can order your SYROPERM without internal sample chamber

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